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When Hip Hop artist promote and GET PAID for the senseless use of the N-word on there albums
and video’s some people of all nationalities seem to have interpreted this ignorance as a license to act out what they see or hear about from Hip Hop video’s and albums.

Not only destructive to the community you live in but also from the people who view your culture.

Feeling Real Black Right Now – Phillie Phil


Woman: Officer spit on her, called her racial slur



TWEET ME    Field Negro – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Two games for beating his wife, and Rashid gets a shade. Ray Rice appears at court in New Jersey in May along with his wife, Janay Palmer,  following his alleged assault of Palmer at an Atlantic City casino in February.The NFL is a trip. It's not enough that they don't have the guts to try and force that owner down in D.C. to change the name of his team. But they just gave one of their players a suspension of two games for beating his wife. (Let me repeat that: TWO GAMES!)

    Keep in mind that this is the same league that just suspended one of their players for a year for smoking the good collie weed.

    Now I don't know what happened in the elevator that night, but I do know that Mrs. Rice was unconscious when the elevator door flew open. We also know that both parties admitted that they were in a fight in the elevator, and that blows were thrown.

    This is not a good look for the NFL; it is a league already suffering from image problems. The clueless Commissioner and his minions should have thought long and hard before handing out a punishment of just two games for Mr. Ray Rice.

    Victims of domestic violence do not represent the typical NFL fan, but they all have families and friends, and the NFL needs to think about that the next time they attempt to punish one of their own.

    Finally, shout out to Rashid Polo for exposing what most of you reading this who happen to be people of color and who visit high-end stores already know: Being shaded while shopping is real. 

    "Polo said he decided to record his experience of going shopping after he realized he was repeatedly being trailed by workers.

    "It happened again ... this time I'm not even mad ... I'm used to it now," he said"  [See video]

    Rashid, you should never get "used to it". But hey, at least you are trying to expose it.

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