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Ferguson Police Are Following These Guidelines

by JAM



The following guidelines are for police officers, neighborhood watchmen and anyone else that was “frightened” by an unarmed Black person. They’ve been utilized successfully throughout the Jim Crow era and are heavily based on 18th century Slave Codes. Yet even in 2014, these guidelines are as ripe as ever. During the Ferguson police press conference held on August 15th, 2014, they let the public “know” that they are carefully following these guidelines step by step.

1. Act Like It Didn’t Happen

Best case scenario is if the person killed was a prisoner, had a criminal past, was homeless or a sex worker. Generally society has marginalized these sets of people so much that their humanity and human rights are often overlooked.  In that case, someone is less likely to champion for them, come looking for them or report them missing. This is the easiest type of crime to push under the rug.

If they officer that killed the person is also Black, this makes it even easier. Then the public can’t blame racism.

2. Hide The Facts

If there are any key facts that can point to your wrongdoing, hide or destroy them before the media or an outside department gets wind of it. Remember that the evidence is in your control. Sometimes people catch feelings, so fire or publicly discredit any possible whistleblowers. Dig up dirt on them to make their words less credible.

3. Be Slow To Make An Arrest

No matter if the killing took place in broad day light or how many people saw it, don’t make an immediate arrest. It didn’t happen until you said it happened. You are the one to determine whether an actual crime took place. Take as much time as you need. Don’t worry about public push back. Let them eat cake! In due time you will make your decision on how to handle this. Don’t provide any information to the public while you’re getting your story together/or creating one.

4. Demand that the public believe you over their lying eyes.

What? That’s not a chokehold, that’s the police officer giving the Heimlich maneuver to a helpless man.
What? That’s not a long distance shot, that’s a close range shot.
What? That’s not a gun, that’s a taser. At least, we thought it was a taser.

No matter what the video shows, don’t allow the public to believe their own eyes.

5. Create an optical illusion.

Is it a bird, a plane? The public has a short memory. Work off of that, use this knowledge to your advantage. If you have any footage or videos potentially showing the person in perceived devious acts, send it to every news media outlet imaginable. Even the blogs. Make sure that every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that one time, the person smoked weed or gave “the finger.” They were bad, very bad and had to be stopped before they became a greater nuisance to society.

6. Criminalize, Criminalize, Criminalize

Can you link the person to a crime? Can you dig up something from their past? Did they ever attend a juvenile detention center? Did they have alcohol or marijuana in their system? If any of these things applies, use it as your greatest asset. This will prove to some members of the public that the person was not worthy of life.  If you can’t find anything, make something up. Try to make it sound as believable as possible. Say the person was a suspect to a recent crime.

Do this even if the “alleged” crime is as simple as selling cigarettes on the side walk or stealing a box of Swisher Sweets. In the legendary words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work!”

7. Push For No Blacks On The Jury Or No Jury At All

If the case actually goes to trial, there can absolutely be no Black people on the jury. None. Push for them to all be excused for some sort of inherent bias. If even one Black person is on the jury, consider the case over. They fight amongst each other a lot, but they tend to run a tight ship when things get rough. Also push for no jury, if applicable. In that case your local friendly judge can let you go home.
8. Glorious Freedom – Rinse & Repeat 

If you’ve managed to make it through the obstacle course of so called “accountability” you’re free to go back on the streets to protect and serve. This also goes for self appointed neighborhood watchmen and anyone else that has taken an issue with Black people just living their lives.

Writer’s Note: Everyone of these instances continues to happen. The police departments are meant to protect and serve. There are many police officers across the country that are working with their local communities but there are others that are terrorizing their local communities.  There needs be a change, bottom up, top down and every way imaginable. At the same time I recognize that many people say they hate the police, until they need them. Whenever we feel like our lives are in danger we reach for the phone to call the police. But we need stability, trust and respect. Communities can not be protected without mutual respect. Crimes can not be solved and lives can not be saved if police don’t listen to the local community. But the question remains, “Do the police and government care about Black lives as much as others?” History has shown us the answer to that question time and time again. 

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IMG_0054-ZF-7906-35913-1-001-006Jessica Ann Mitchell is the founder of & To reach JAM, email her at Follow Jessica @TweetingJAM.

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TWEET ME Field Negro – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • The real "takers" in America.
    Today is Labor Day in America, so I feel a need to talk about hard work and the affect it has had on us all.

    Of course we can't talk about labor in America without acknowledging the black Mandingo in the room.

    Slavery has been around since 1619, and it officially lasted until 1865, which is eight months or so after the Civil War ended.

    The thing is, even after slavery officially ended, there was still "Negro involuntary servitude" which persisted until 1940.

    So anyway, America, thanks to the free labor of the Negro, has thrived as a nation, and quite a few Americans became very wealthy as a result. It's no secret that the wealth many white Americans enjoy today is a direct result of slavery.     

    So today there is this perception among folks in the elite (see Paul Ryan and his friends in congress) that hard working poor people (see Negroes) are "takers".

    This, of course, is a myth.

    There are folks who work two jobs in cities like Philadelphia just trying to make ends meet, and who sleep three hours a night because they have to get up early in the morning to take two buses to get to a job in the suburbs because there are no jobs left in the city.

    There are folks who wipe up old people's shit and bathe them for $9 an hour because their own children-- who are too busy pursuing happiness-- just don't have time to care for them anymore.

    There are folks who work in restaurants cleaning dishes and laboring over hot oil for 12 hours per day for minimum wage, so that folks who are too lazy to cook themselves can go out and order and then enjoy a meal.

    Those people are not "takers", they are "makers".

    People like Paul Ryan and his scumbag politrickster friends are the "takers". They give nothing to society besides rhetoric.

    I am glad that Paul Ryan had his come to Jesus moment, but I suspect that this is just more bull s**t from a politician who wants to be president one day. He realizes that he will never get the working man vote with his grandiloquent "makers versus takers"  type language.

    "When you compare liberal progressivism's promises with the future that conservatism can actually deliver, the choice is clear. The way forward I'm proposing fosters risk-taking, ingenuity and creativity. Instead of growing government, it grows the economy and offers everyone greater opportunity and prosperity. It can unwind the cycle of dependency and finally defeat poverty. And, perhaps most important, it protects our rights while offering a real safety net for those in need—without overpowering the private economy or our private lives.

    Mapping this path has been the focus of my work in Congress. I don't have all of the answers, but as an elected leader, I do have a responsibility to help start and sustain a conversation about where we go from here."

    Mr. Ryan, you could start by talking about raising the minimum wage for some of the hardworking people I referenced above, but somehow I  doubt that you will do that. Why? Because, at the end of the day, you are not supporting the real "makers" in society. They can't afford the lobbyists who keep you comfortable in Washington.

    You and your colleagues align yourselves with the "takers". The folks who want nothing more than to line their pockets, and, in return, line yours.

    Happy Labor Day to the "makers".       

    *Pic from 

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